Socraties-our newest potbelly pig

Meet our precious Socraties who just joined our pasture pals resident category in January 2012. Socraties belonged to a beautfiul couple, long time residents of Sacramento CA, but due to their own health issues, they are having to relocate into a condo community and could not take Socraties with them.

We just love those potbelly pigs! Socraties was born October 17th, 1995 and his previous caretakers had raised and loved him since he was six months old. When we picked him up, along with their sad goodbyes, they turned over his specialized Igloo complete with a heater, blankets, food and his special feeding dish. Socraties has been a vegetarian since birth. He loves bananas, carrots, apples, along with natural food supplemnts. He's a real Jack LaLanne or Capitan Carrot of the swine world.

Besides his age (approx 17 yrs young), he is sweet and uber friendly! He loves to be talked to, have his belly rubbed, and has started to mingle with his new roommates Homer, Paige, and Patty.

We are always in need of sponsorships for our residents. If you'd like to sponsor Socraties, your monthly donation as little as $10 will go a long way in helping us keep Socraties healthy and well cared for. You can visit Socraties' photo gallery here

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You can sponsor Socraties today by donating as little as $10 a month.

If you prefer to mail us a check make it payable to "Wind Song" (c/o Socraties) and mail it to our Board Address: 5407 Butler Rd Penryn CA 95663. Use the fundraising code "Socraties" in the memo section of your personal check. We will send you a donation receipt and keep you updated on Socraties.

Wind Song | Donate toward Socraties via Paypal Thank you for your love and support for this beautiful creature.


Weekly Update: Friday, March 9th, 2012: We've raised $205.00 in sponsorship for Socraties. Thank YOU!