About Our Equine Residents

Over the years, Wind Song (Formerly ACFB) had rescued many beautiful horses. ACFB’s former Founders retained thirteen (13) animals and in addition, continued to care for twenty (20) of the animals that were surrendered to HSSF as these animals were the hardest to place into forever homes. 

By late December the remaining HSSF animals that ACFB was still providing care and support, finally found either forever homes or foster homes or were adopted back and are now Wind Song Residents.

With 27 acres and the new barn we have plenty of space, time, and most importantly love to care and shelter these animals.  We have informed HSSF that we gladly welcome the opportunity to adopt-back these seven remaining equines into the Wind Song's safe and loving forever-care new sanctuary.

Since December 2011, the Wind Song Animal Sanctuary has added several new horses who enjoy mingling with Handsome, Odie, Dusty, and Stevie at our forever-home ranch.

Visit their Unique Profile Photo Gallery and Equines Around The Ranch Gallery.

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