About Our Canine Programs

February 2012 has been filled with many program initiatives put into action and we're super excited about the beginning formation of two (2) NEW canine programs currently in development for Wind Song. 

The first is the Canine Foster Care ProgramIts conception is a program designed to help owners of canines with life threatening illnesses or senior canine medical conditions that are treatable but due to the owner’s inability to afford these medical treatments, they've become at risk of euthanasia.  This program will be offered through the collaborative association with local veterinarians who will refer animal patients who meet this criteria.  For example:  An elderly couple on a fixed income has a canine that is in need for diabetic medication. Without this medication the canine owner's options would be to find another home or have to face pet euthanasia. 

As a healthier, more positive alternative, the Vet would instead now refer them to Wind Song and we would enter them into the program to ensure they receive the medical care for their special needs canine. The canine remains with the owners and all payments are made directly to the veterinarian.  This will allow each canine to remain with their loving owners and YOU, the donor, will be able to share in their stories and help make a difference in all their lives.  

If you wish to make a single donation by credit card or using your personal PayPal account, you can donate online. Click on the donate button below.

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If you wish to make a monthly donation contribution on a recurring basis, we offer our Monthly Paypal Sponsorship Subscription. You must have a paypal account to use this subscription feature. If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can sign up for free--click here to create your free PayPal account. Select the amount from the drop down menu and then click "subscribe".

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As our canine programs grow, we will be able to exceed the capability of rescuing and housing dogs since space is no longer a factor.  With your generous assistance, we can really make the difference in so many canine and owners lives.

The second program is building the Canine Castle.
  This facility will be built to house senior and special needs dogs from shelters that are unadoptable due to their medical needs.  We receive emails every day for animals that are not able to be adopted out due to their age or medical needs. 

The facility will be built after the concept of the best canine spas in Beverly Hills with climate controlled room and a TV, couches, bean bag chairs, and an outside dog park. The property has room to grow and we are hoping to break ground soon with your support and donations.

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